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Article 1 - Playlist Guidelines.  
We support new artists music. Rest assured that only the best new music submitted will be added .

Article 2 -  Winners
Each week the Judges will select one or a group of new artists as winners to move forward to the Battle Round.

Article 3 Battle Round Winner
Judges will have the forwarded music battle against each other. The winners will move forward to Pirate Radio Music

Article 4 Pirate Radio Music Awards
Judges will vote for their favorite and then the listeners will cast their votes. The following week listeners and judges  
votes will be combined together and the music with the highest votes will be the Pirate Radio Music Awards Winner.

Article Five - Pirate Radio of the Treasure Coast simply broadcasts music.  If for any reason the information submitted by
an artist or band to Pirate Radio is false or incorrect, the responsibility lies with the submitter, not Pirate Radio of the
Treasure Coast.  All judges comments are their own, not of Pirate Radio.

And so it is written in the Pirate Code (which is really just a guideline.)

BEWARE:  Like it was in days of yore, punishments for breaking the Pirate Code were always swift and rarely without
exceptions.  The quartermaster would deliver the punishment determined by the Captain or vote of the crew, which might
be legs in irons, flogging, or keel hauling.  More serious crimes were answered with marooning or death.  If you break the
Pirate Code by falsely submitting fraudulent music, either by false artists or band information, you will be prohibited from
submitting material to Pirate Radio of the Treasure Coast.  These were the articles used by Captain Jack on his Pirate
Radio Station ship “The Wolf".  Savy!   
Pirate Radio Music Subitted For 2018-1 Pirate Radio Music Awards  

Pirate Radio Judges Picks The Following Artists For The Battle Rounds
Congrats to All

01 Andy Michaels ft Kerry Ironside - Angel
02 Fozzy - Burn Me Out
03 Jayson Miro ft Obediah Ajay - Raw so Deep in-Love
04 John Stowers - Rocket out of Here
05 One Ugly Cowboy - Don't Mess Around With A Southern Girl
06 Rachel Holder - You Only Call Me When You're Drunk
07 Steve Oriet  - Diggin On You
08 McMains - Dont-Say-Goodnight-Tonight
09 The James Carratt Project  - Yankee Pride
10 Hurts - Ready To Go
11 Hurts - Beautiful Ones
12 Zimri - Belong
13 Hurts - Magnificent
14 No Politics - Two Sides
15 Rebecca Lynn  - Why Do All the Weirdos End Up With Me
16 Danae - Direction
17 DJ Funsize - I Can Fly
18 Margie Singleton - Jesus is my pusher
19 Fuser - Sell me out
20 Moe Aly ft. Oscar Corney - Where's the love
21 Nathan King - Movin-on
22 Kirra - My Disease Radio
23 Livia  - Read Your Mind
24 Nick de la Hoyde  - Hold Me Close
25 Shane Martin - She's got Swagger
26 Shane Martin  - Goodbye Never
27 Steve Obando - Babylon
28 Undecided Future - Intoxicated
29 Ajay Mathur - Forget about yesterday
30 Aria Nichols - Temptation
31 Blue Lizard  - Monkey Spitz
32 CC Grace -  Please Come to Boston
33 Daniel Aris - One More Time
34 Daniel Aris - She's The Only One
35 Matthew Schultz - Promise for keeps
36 Moonlight Social - Make You Smile
37 Universe Infinity - Start give all your love
2018 Pirate Radio RockStar / Battle Rounds/
Pirate Radio Music Awards Season
2018-1 Jan to June
2018-2 July to Dec

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